Hi I'm Jeffrey - a software engineer, earth scientist, and photographer living in Austin, TX. I'm currently on the lookout for an engineering role in Austin where I can use my passion for developement and geospatial data.

My primary interests bring together earth science, computer science, and visualization:
  • Using scientific methods to better understand our world
  • Displaying the resulting data cleanly and efficiently
  • Using computer science to write software making this process accessible and reliable for everyone
  • Most recently, I studied at UW-Madison completing the Professional Capstone Certificate Program in Computer Sciences and working as a GIS developer at the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office. While there, I developed and improved web-applications that visualized interactive geospatial info, like microbial resistance datasets from hospitals and state-wide historical aerial photography. I also wrote Python scripts to clean and standardize data for use by Wisconsin counties and residents.

    Prior to this, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences at Rice University in Houston, TX. While there, I became passionate about geospatial visualization, data science, and clean graphic design, which I prioritize in my computer science and geographic work. Beyond the sciences, I'm fascinated by writing systems and scripts - Through college coursework and language immersion in Amman, Jordan, I began to learn Arabic, and even took a stab at designing a font that embodied some stylistic and visual characteristics I wasn't able to find in pre-existing typefaces.

    From field work in Turkey, Iceland and America to travel to the Middle East, I've had chances to spend time in other countries and cultures - experiences I wouldn't trade for anything. As field sites are based on important geology rather than tourism, field work gave me a serene and original view of locations that I wouldn't have gained otherwise. Because of this, surrounding myself with nature, the sun, and wildlife is how I most successfully relax and de-stress.

    Thanks for stopping by!